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The End of November

~Rochelle called to the family on behalf of Julie, under her care.
~What watchful hearts attended them is not so difficult to see.
~Everyone rumored our concerns except the Jeweled attendee. ~Some self-concerns and prejudices
seem bound to the bitter-end.

~Reason, rhyme and circumstance might make sense or circumvent. ~Sister’s will and woes run deep however dis-colored, pointed and tense.
~Isolated in a doomed cocoon for her special permutated fence.
~All her own choices of consulate voices seem Bound to the bitter-end.

~Love and respect are not easy to fund fault,
~ winds and whereas weave more tapestries.
~No life is unimportant to life’s crux ;
~all life seeks ripened opportunities.
~Such was the young life of our Jewel, Julie, with her five brothers including me.
~What childish motives and reprise seem bound to the bitter-end?

~Our Nation’s Call to Arms took youth to train, abraid and venture out.
~Then Julie boldly joined the WAVES and served her terms and pleased the crowd.
~More than one near-miss as battle sounds destroyed friend and foe on precious ground.
~Some seemed damaged coming home…
~seeming bound, somehow, to the bitter-end.

~As for myself, I’m such a pitiful judge;
~no view of all the justice and mercy too.
~To that I leave to Heaven’s fateful grasp, beyond my feelings, hearing and seeing view.
~To Gatekeeper, Master and Brother who unfailing loves Julie, me and you, ~toward release of every discord and ruin seemed bound to the bitter-end.

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